B.C. Havanese (Panda Bear Kennels)

Here are some of our clients who have reported back with progress notes and photos of their Pandabear Havanese family members.

Pandabears Ruby

Hi Kathy,

Jean mentioned you were out to visit your family, and it got me to thinking ... I should send you a couple pics.

Ruby is growing and continues to be a treasure. Here she is on the beach, and hanging at the office (a well loved place for the number of laps and pets on offer).

She is a social butterfly! We completed puppy classes and she is one smart cookie. We continue to work on skills every day. She has lightened up in colour quite a bit and I am curious to see how she looks after an upcoming summer trim. As much as I love the wooly look, I will appreciate the easier care for the coat as it has been a season of plentiful burrs.

Hope all is well with you,


July 15, 2022

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